The widespread use of hydrogen is about to break through. Fuel cells are more in demand than ever before as alternative energy converters. Some applications include use in trucks, to supply heat to buildings, or for decentralized power supply. Just like combustion engines, they need compressed air for high power output. We develop suitable electrically driven charging systems for air supply.


Internal combustion engines are still the standard in vehicles of all kinds. Yet there is enormous potential in their optimization to significantly reduce CO₂ emissions. We develop and manufacture state-of-the-art turbocharging systems for the Indian market. Due to its size, decreasing pollutant emissions have a significant impact on climate protection all over the world!


Companies face the challenge of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. The recovery of industrial waste heat helps achieve this. Our turbo generators use the process heat losses to generate electricity and are used in foundries, the manufacturing industry, and in mechanical engineering – to name just a few applications. In addition, our electric compressors ensure an efficient air supply in the waste water, food and beverage, and paper industries.